About Colin Robertson Chicago

debt-robertson_colinSince 1999, Colin Robertson has handled fixed income investments at Northern Trust in Chicago, Illinois. Starting as director of short-term fixed income investments, four years later he accepted promotion to the role of managing director of fixed income. He also serves as executive vice president of Northern Trust, and oversees the work of 68 professionals in three countries.

Mr. Robertson holds a bachelor of arts degree from Indiana University, where he majored in business analysis. He accepted his first professional role in Chicago in 1985, and two years later he enrolled in the master of business administration program at Northwestern University. He now holds an MBA in finance and international management, and he continues to serve the Chicago financial community.

An active individual in his free time, he is an avid reader of the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and other publications that give him an up-to-date viewpoint on world markets and economies.